Paragen had a major upgrade to the Tier System to allow for a fairer system as well as a lower entry barrier when compared to other launchpads. This was a community inspired upgrade.

What are the Changes?

Previously, Paragen followed a 4 tier system that had a higher entry barrier with a lower pool weight per tier. The ATLAS upgrade will drastically improve Paragens ecosystem with an 8 tier system of improved pool weight fairness. The Atlas upgrade will continue to give ALL users guaranteed allocation for staking their $RGEN tokens.

The ATLAS upgrade — 8 tier system

The Tiered system ranges from staking a minimum of $200 RGEN which is equivalent to $200 if the price of $RGEN stabilises at $1, to a maximum stake of 80,000 $RGEN for the Juggernaut holders. This not only gives the chance for investors to enter at a lower entry barrier and participate but also gives allows the bigger holders to stake with a profitable entry of poolweight — 305.

What is Paragen?

Paragen is a bsc native launchpad focused on the current niche whilst maintaining a multichain nature. Paragen boasts in its current market to provide users with AAA Games as well as New metaverses entering the crypto space to the community.

Website: https://paragen.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/paragenio
Telegram Group: https://t.me/paragenio
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/paragenann



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