PARAGEN’S IDO — 10:00 AM UTC 04/03/2022

3 min readMar 3, 2022


We are proud to have achieved another stepping stone as we head into the IDO with our community.

The IDO is only open to Whitelisted addresses for both the first and second round.
Check if you are whitelisted:

When and Where (2 hour window for first phase)?

The IDO for the first phase will run for 2 hours only. If any tokens are unsold from the first phase, then We will open the second phase as soon as the first phase closes. The first phase is a guaranteed allocation to whitelisted users at a maximum participation of $100 busd. There will be 2 phases of this sale pending on sale. The first phase is a maximum of $100 allocation per whitelisted user.
If in the event that not all the allocation is filled, the second phase of FCFS will open and whitelisted users will be able to invest a maximum of $500 each in this round until conclusion of sale.


Starts: 10:00 AM UTC March 4th on our launchpad — Runtime: 2 hours
Ends: 12:00 PM UTC March 4th on our launchpad
FCFS Opens: 12:00 PM UTC March 4th
FCFS Closes: As soon as tokens sell out or 13:00 UTC

How to Participate?

All IGO Page
  1. Connect your wallet via metamask or walletconnect. The supported chain is BSC so please ensure you are on the correct network.
  2. Click on all projects in the top bar where you will find the projects displayed the click into the Paragen IDO.
Image B

3. Click on Join Pool
At the time it is live, you will notice that in the middle it will specify “Active now” and the phase bar will progress to “Funding”.

Note: Under “My Tier” you will be able to see if you are whitelisted as well as the amount invested, purchased tokens ad Maximum allocations per round. In Image B, We can see that i am whitelisted but have not yet invested.

Initialising funds page

4. After you have clicked join pool, you will be presented with the submit your funds page. You must click approve first before continuing as it is smart contract operated and not user handled.

Submit and confirm

After you have approved, you can now proceed to the next steps.

5. Add your allocation or simply click max to fulfil the maximum allocation then click on submit.

6. You will then be asked to confirm the transaction on metamask. Press confirm

Checking your Account

Congratulations, you have now participated in the Paragen IDO on the paragen launchpad.
You can now see that 1st round allocation is now set to “0 BUSD” and Amount invested is $100 BUSD while purchased Tokens displays 1,111 RGEN.
In the event of a 2nd round, you will be able to follow the same steps

In the event that the 1st round is not completely filled, the FCFS will open immediately after the first phase ends. You will be able to participate further with a maximum cap of $500 per user.