Paragen welcomes BSCStation to its Partners Hub!

2 min readMar 1, 2022

Paragen is glad to welcome BSCStation to the family and to collaborate on multiple fronts in ensuring the success of each project.

Collaboration between Paragen and BSC Station

Paragen believes that collaboration overthrows competition when it comes to Launchpads. This is due to the nature of the current market as well as ensuring the necessary measures utilised in crowdfunding for projects and co-marketing.

Nature of the Collaboration:

Paragen will collaborate on multiple fronts to benefit both the communities of both Paragen and BSCStation to co-launch and comarket together. To honour this collaboration, Paragen has allocated 50k from the strategic sale to the BSCStation community.

Synergy and benefits to both:
1. Co-marketing along side each other
2. Co-launching Projects on multiple fronts from IGO to IMO
3. Sharing Deal flow and ensuring the success of the crowdfunded project on both platforms whilst working closely together.
4. Community exposure in both groups + AMA
5. Paragen to allocate 50k from the strategic sale to the BSCStation community.

Paragen now has welcomed over 10 partners to the ParaHUB. The ParaHUB ensure an extensive collaboration between strategic partners and companies to improve, analyse, research and distinguish authentic projects from others. Furthermore, giving the opportunity and ability to co-launch, comarket and share dealflow amongst each other.