Liquidity Transfer Anouncement

Nov 29, 2023

Paragen has succesfully and smoothly moved its liquidity from RGEN-BUSD to RGEN-USDT on the binance smart Chain without any disruption.

Paragen has been since day one supportive of the busd-bsc stable coin, and utilised it for liquidity as well as for funding launches. But that hasnow changed! Since busd has lost its support from binance as well as the issuer, paxos, paragen will utilise USDT-BSC.

Paragen removed liquidty from the pair on the 29/11 12:30pm utc then converted all assets held in BUSD to USDT on pancakeswap. Thereafter, Paragen labs immediately added the same amount of assets paired RGEN-USDT back to pancakeswap to the new V3 update. We needed to ensure this was done in secrecy so that the price does not heavily fluctuate and so that we were the first to add liquidity.