Introducing The Claiming Portal

2 min readApr 1, 2022

The Claiming portal is for users who are claiming tokens of projects they have participated in.

You guys asked and we delivered!! We have introduced the claiming portal a simple and easy way for all users to manage their tokens themselves. This is to provide full transparency for both the community and the projects. The tokens will be locked in vesting contracts and made available to claim at the respective vesting periods.

We have replaced the Airdrop distribution method, with Claiming. All networks offer extremely cheap gas fees and as such makes claiming cost effective for users.

We have introduced the portal also to make it all super compatible and act as a calendar for the community. The displayed information in the claiming portal per project will be the Vesting amount, Claim Start date, your purchased amount, Claim progress bar to notify you of how much you have claimed thus far and the Available tokens to claim.

Simulation image of how the claiming portal will be presented

The above image is just a demonstration of the Claiming portal.

Simple Steps How to claim your tokens:

  1. Head over to our Launchpad
  2. In the top header, click on “CLAIM”.
  3. Click on the respective chain corresponding to the projects mainnet distribution. For example, Penguin karts is deployed and distributed on “Fantom Network”. In this case, we would click on the “Fantom” button.
  4. Once you see the project displayed, click on “claim” and sign the transaction via metamask to claim your tokens.

Congratulations!! you have no successfully claimed your tokens and now can utilise it for all projects moving forward.


For all projects that have been distributed via airdrop, they will also be moving effective from the 31st March to be claimed on the Portal except paragen.

All $RGEN tokens will be claimed as per normal under the Accounts section.