We are proud to have selected 1080 wallet addresses to be whitelisted ahead of our IDO. Since our IDO total pool amount is $108,000, each whitelisted wallet has a maximum allocated amount of $100 BUSD. This is equivalent to 1111.11 RGEN tokens.

Check if you are Whitelisted:

How it works:

Whitelisted users will be the only candidates able to participate in the IDO in the first round which runs for 24 hours. If this round meets the hardcap and all allocation is filled then we have successfully concluded the IDO of Paragen.

However, if the IDO is not complete and remains allocation, we will open a 1 hour window for ALL users to participate in a FCFS event thereafter until filled.

Information on IDO Date:

The Paragen IDO date has been updated and moved to March 4th, 2022. This has been made in response to the current market analysis with aim to start the new month with a better sentiment.

The minor change in dates from the 25th February to March 4th makes a small difference in change yet a drastic effect for the paragen launchpad.



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