How To Paricipate And Be Prepared

The look to enter into projects on Paragen

Congratulations, Making it to this medium means you are ready to equip yourself to grow your portfolio with Paragen!

It is important to ensure you have the necessary steps performed correctly in order to participate in all upcoming IGO’s and IMO’s, but before doing so ensure you have enough RGEN to qualify you in participating in the IGO’s. (minimum entry staked — 200 RGEN)

On-Chain Secure KYC Process:

A pre-requisite to participate is that you must KYC only ONCE for your wallet to be accepted. This is to ensure compliance, however, note that we ensure FULL security of your information by storing it On-chain with Fractal. This is also to minimise dual entries from multiple wallets owned by the same user. Fractal is the service provider 3rd party utilised by Paragen.
Click me to kyc

Lets Get familiar with the KYC Colours on your account:

KYC has not yet been initiated
KYC has been completed and is under review by fractal
KYC has been approved
KYC has been rejected — ask why

Certain Countries have banned their users from participating in any IDO’s/IGO’s or crowdfunding. If you are from one of the banned countries then you will not be able to participate in the Paragen launchpad. This is unfortunate and is out of the capacity of Paragen. Rest assured that the remainder of the world can participate so long as correctly KYC’d.

List of Countries Banned from participating:
Albania, Burundi, Herzegovina, Belarus, Barbados, Botswana, Central African Republic, China, Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jamaica, Cambodia, Libya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Somalia, Serbia, South Sudan, Uganda, United States, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe.

Purchasing RGEN
Purchasing the Paragen token; RGEN is easy. You may purchase it directly on Pancakeswap.

Link, Stake, and Participate —

Paragen is native to BSC and will be live on the BSC Mainnet, hence after connecting your 0x bsc mainnet wallet, you have the option to link a solana address to your account. We may launch Solana projects and since Solana uses a different wallet we have integrated a section to link your Solana Wallet to your main account. Solana Supported wallets include : Trust Wallet, Solflare, Phantom etc.

After Connecting to Paragen Via BSC Mainnet, go to account and link a Solana Wallet Address.

Staking is an integral part of participation, as you must stake your RGEN tokens in order to participate. To participate, stake your RGEN tokens in the desirable tier that meet your amount of tokens.

Staking Rewards

Paragen has a tempting staking rewarding system and is required to participate in any upcoming IGO’s.

You Must stake your RGEN tokens 24 hours before the IGO to be whitelisted since the snapshots are taken 24 hours before each project IGO initiation.

Paragen currently uses only a single staking system, which means you only need to stake RGEN to reap rewards and participate.

The current Lock, Participate and Earn system is as follows per Staking time. Note the minimum staking time is 7 days.

Staking Time and Rewards:

  • 7 days — 6% APY
  • 14 days — 13% APY
  • 30 days — 30% APY
  • 60 days — 65% APY
  • 90 days — 80% APY

Premature/Early Unstaking — Tokens are locked until maturity dates that you staked for. However if unstaked prior to maturity, there will incur a 5% unstaking penalty fee.

The staking section.

After completing the above steps of KYC, and Staking RGEN before IDO by 1 day its time to participate.

  1. Connect your wallet using metamask or wallet connect (for non-metamask users) to
  2. Click on the pool that is available to join under “ All Projects” or under the homepage.
  3. Click on “Buy” and specify the amount you’d like to purchase from the allocated amount, or press max and buy.
  4. Confirm your transaction!
  5. The tokens will be automatically airdropped to you at each vesting schedule specified in the vesting section on our launchpad.

Congratulations!! You have now successfully participated in the project and are ready to continue participating. Remember! if you ever forget the steps, you can always come here and check.

Phase of Projects from IGO to completion.

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