Collaboration between Paragen and Kairon Labs

1 min readFeb 26, 2022


We are Proud to announce that we have entered into a Strategic collaboration with Kairon Labs on Multiple Fronts. We have further applied for Coinmarketcap listing of our token, Paragen.

Paragen x Kairon Labs

Paragen will be utilising Kairon Labs as its Market Maker once listed on Pancakeswap to ensure proper stability of the RGEN token as well as enough liquidity.

Furthermore, We enter into a collaboration to provide deal flow directly to our MM partner to protect our users in upcoming project. Therefore, projects that do not have a MM once approaching Paragen for Launch, we will be recommending and working with projects alongside Kairon to ensure proper results in Market Stability of their token.We have also added an antisniper Protection into our token contract. We advise against attempting to snipe our token at listing. The consequences invoked on foul play by sniper will result in confiscation of your tokens by revoking and freezing the snipe.

What is Kairon Labs?
Kairon Labs is the premier crypto market maker and liquidity provider for utility tokens and exchanges.